Before you sign a contract for payroll funding, talk to us.

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Payroll Funding

Most payroll funding contracts bundle payroll processing, customer invoicing and HR support in their fees. While this might seem like a great deal at first, as your business grows those fees take a larger and larger part of your profits.

In a few months, you could be paying way too much for payroll funding. Breaking your contract could mean steep cancellation penalties.

Talk to Flexible Support Group first and find out how we can adjust your service contract as you grow, so your costs stay reasonable and affordable.

We offer flexible payroll funding to staffing companies at extremely competitive rates, tailored to fit your unique business needs. With our funding, you can draw funds against your accounts receivable for exactly the payroll amount you need, which may vary from week to week, month to month or even daily.

We customize funding programs for your business needs with no hidden fees, no long- term contracts, and no separate legal notices. We help you meet your payroll needs and grow your business.